ebilz kaneeblez SKULLERY tote bags

I will do totally custom totes with your choice of fabric for $25 bucks email me at evillilgirl@gmail.com or farfeluez@gmail.com or convo me at etsy!


Custom Tattoo Design

Hello there! Been thinking about getting a tattoo done but want something more personal? Something Unique that won't be found in tattoo books anywhere? Something you modded to your own unique taste and specification? Well you have found the right place!

I will design a tattoo for you!

::: Whatever your inspiration is whether it be something you might want done from reference but a little bit different.. Or something you might want created from your minds eye for you I'm your girl!

Let's talk and see what I can create for you!

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Artwork Now for sale at the PINK DOOR!

Come on down to the pink door where I have over 10 pieces of art hanging on the walls for you to gaze at and purchase! All price ranges too from $20 bucks framed art to $150 hand painted original art!
Please come have some dinner I suggest the teriyaki fried rice bowl..YUMMY!And have a few drinks and laughs. Awesome club at night too with groovy musique and mellow atmosphere.
check out their menu and great pictures and events here!


New Painting in the shop!




Description Sen and Chihiro's Spiriting Away (千と千尋の神隠し, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi.written and directed by famed animator Hayao Miyazaki.Chihiro Ogino/Sen (荻野 千尋, Ogino Chihiro?) Chihiro is the 10-year old protagonist of the movie. Chihiro is in the process of moving to a new town when her family stumbles upon the entrance to the spirit world. During her adventure she matures from a whiny, self-centered, and pessimistic child to a hard-working, responsible, optimistic young girl who has learned to care for others. She is renamed "Sen" (千, sen?, lit. "a thousand") by the proprietor of the bathhouse, Yubaba. In Japanese orthography, "Sen" is an alternative pronunciation of "Chi", the first kanji in her name "Chihiro", which roughly translates as "a thousand fathoms". The movie ends with Chihiro retaining her new inner strength. It is implied that someday she will meet Haku again .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This canvas was done for a Movie themed art show.The rules of the show were to paint your favorite movie scene or character. This is my version of chihiro. Painted with watercolors and acrylics on canvas.The canvas dimensions are      16 x 20 Thanks you so much for taking a look at my shop!
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GO VISIT Tulip Moon::

Hello My work and adventures of capturing faeries
is now being sold out of a lovely unique mystical shop called

Tulip Moon
92 Court Sq
Bardstown, KY 40004
Phone: (502) 348-8885

Please stop by and purchase some of my work!
While your in there take a look around at the wonderful world around you!
There are many eccentric, exceptional,outstanding gifts ranging from books,gemstones,faerie houses,candles, art,jewelery and more. And if you can find the time schedule a reading with the mediums there. It is a phenomenally extraordinary experience.


Made some bookmarks!

So lately I have been reading books like mad. And I never had a proper bookmark. I have been borrowing my nephews playing cards that he uses for magic tricks. His cards are neat looking! They are in different colors like lime green and silver and then I get to choose my favorite symbols and numbers out of them. Besides he leaves them all over my sisters house anyways ^_~ I am being a good Aunt and helping him keep his butt out of trouble. haha

So for my birthday I received a handmade bookmark from my sister which was perfect for these giant novels I had been reading. Lovely bookmark! And this inspired me to try it out on etsy. I have two up right now in the shop but all together I handmade about 8 or so. I made the tails with ribbon and wire and beads and things like recycled broken jewlery. So check it out!

the best lunch in the world

Caught some shots of my favorite lunch which is ::

Japanese udon noodles cooked in chicken broth sesame oil rice vinegar and soy sauce

Pork Leek dumplings steamed not fried

Jasmine tea with honey