Ebil in Wonderland

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There are very rare times in our lives when we come across someone who is truly great at something. Be it throwing a football, solving impossible math equations, writing the greatest novel of our time or simply creating a magnificent piece of art that takes our breath away. These are the ones that are the true stars and should be in the spotlight. In an age where everyone is trying to stretch out that last 15th minute of fame, wether it’s a reality show star or internet “celebrities” the truly masterful people are very rarely ever given their due props. Fortunately in this instance I can and will give someone the praise they deserve and have earned.

I’ve been a member of the Giant Robot forums for over 7 years and in that time I’ve come across and met some truly good people. Some people I’ve merely had exchanges with on the forums and others I’ve had the pleasure of raising a glass and sharing food and drink with. One of the people whom I’ve yet to break bread with but have had the pleasure of getting to know long distance is board member Shandy Gazo, aka evillilgirl. More lovingly known as “ebil” on the forums, Shandy has always been the one board member who astounded me with her vast knowledge of anime and who over the years has showcased her amazing artistic talent. Hailing from Louisville, KY or “Louis-evil” as she refers to it, ebil has been putting in work creating custom art, 1offs and showcasing her works at various shows and exhibits. I got a chance to sit down and have a chat with Ms. Ebil and get a sneak peak of where her inspiration comes from, where she’s been and what’s on deck for her in 2010.