The worlds Second Most Awesome art market

Hey there check out the new show I'm going to be in for 3 days next weekend ^_^
I was going to do this show then I changed my mind a couple weeks ago I had a minor head injury and certainly learned my lesson about wearing fashionable boots on snow and sheets of ice. Despite my head injury which I thought was going to put me out for a bit has healed nicely so I think I'm going to give a shot. So if your in the area or want to take a nice weekend trip for a 3 day art market come on down ^_~

Get ready for an awesome three-day art event showcasing a diverse mix of talented artists who have amazing work in a broad range of styles and mediums all with a renegade vibe. Cooked up by Scott Shuffitt, Ron Jasin and Mary Yates, the Second Most Awesome Art Market was an answer to the more traditional arts and crafts markets offered in Kentucky. This awesome KY tradition has been taken and subverted by the trio to create an outside-the-box event packed with general awesomeness.
Friday March 5th –
Concurrent with First Friday Trolley Hop
Art Show hours: 5-9PM
After Party: 9-11PM

Saturday March 6th
Art Show hours: 10-6PM
Sunday March 7th
Art Show hours: Noon -4PM

This event is free to the public. How awesome is that?


Join us at the awesome Glassworks building
Second Floor, 815 West Market St, Louisville, KY 40202

for more information

Hope to see you there!


Oni original art Skateboard SOLD

here is a skateboard I did for an artshow. It's based on Japanese folklore. Oni (鬼?) are creatures from Japanese folklore, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres or trolls. They are popular characters in Japanese art, literature and theater.
This skateboard is Canadian maple 7.50 board and is for sale. ^_^


which one....

not sure when I can but I think my next two pieces I want to do after I get caught up on commissions.. lie here possibly.


Leo weekly Staff picks ~No Holds barred~

Just wanted to share this write up of Louisville Leo's weekly staff picks of the places to be at for the week. The group show I was in got a write up and several artist along with myself got mentioned!!

February 17, 2010
12 events you should know about this week

Through Feb. 19

‘No Holds Barred’

Art 227

227 Chenoweth Lane

South African-born artist Emil Walton doesn’t consider himself a gallery owner, he just came upon this space in St. Matthews by way of his in-laws. “No Holds Barred,” the first exhibit at Art 227, features Walton and a handful of other local artists including Joy Wilson, Daniel Pfalzgraf, Jill Morgan, Andy Cook and Shandy Goodlet to name a few. “I’m not to sure what to expect, but my plan is to have numerous group shows for the next few months to give artists like myself a place to show their art,” he says. “If people come to see the shows, then I consider it a success. Every artist wants their art to be seen and talked about. If they make a sale, then it will be icing on the cake.” The closing reception is Friday from 6-11 p.m. —Sara Havens

full page here > http://leoweekly.com/ae/staffpicks-18


Like a Like a rhinnnoooooooooo

on sale at 227 art gallery at 227 chenoweth lane louisville ky.
If your interested in this piece please email me farfeluez@gmail.com
or contact the gallery ~ 20 x 16 inch canvas $250 canvas
ricepaper oil paint watercolrs ink

Swims with tigers

on sale at 227 art gallery at 227 chenoweth lane louisville ky.
If your interested in this piece please email me farfeluez@gmail.com
or contact the gallery ~ 20 x 16 inch canvas $250 canvas
ricepaper oil paint watercolrs ink


Update on smoking lion::sneak peak for artshow this friday!

Here is smoking lion.
I have two more pieces that goes with this series but your just going to have to come out to the show to see them. "SwimS with tigers" and "Like a like a rhinoooo" are the titles of the other two. The show is on friday 12th 2010 at 227 art gallery on 227 Chenoweth lane Louisville ky.Hope to see you at the opening ^_~ <3ebilz


quand je finis toutes ces peintures je pourrais désagréger!!!

that is all <3


New sketch for upcoming show

Upcoming artshow "No Holds Barred" Group show feb 12-13th

Music/Arts - Exhibit
Start Time:
Friday, February 12, 2010 at 6:05pm
End Time:
Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 11:05pm
ART 227
227 Chenoweth lane
"No hold barred"

Your invited to the first group show of many at ART227. This space is the brainchild of South African born artist Emil Walton, to showcase the emerging and established artist of the louisville area.

Group shows are planned for the second and last weekends of each month or otherwise advertised. please feel free to come join us to see good art and meet even better artists. The space is situated on chenoweth lane in st. matthews right next to St. Matthews Feed & Seed.

Participating artists:
Andy Cook
Shandy Goodlet
Keith Linton
Jill Morgan
Michelle Amos
Alex Roisen-Tash
Dan Phalzgraf
Emil Walton
and many more.