kodama (木霊, 木魂, 木魅, or 児玉 tree:

is a spirit from Japanese folklore, which is believed to live in certain trees (similar to theDryad of Greek myth).
Cutting down a tree which houses a kodama is thought to bring misfortune, and such trees are often marked with shimenawar ope.


Baku (獏 or 貘)

Baku (獏 or 貘) supernatural beings that devour dreams and nightmares
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bakeneko (化け猫) ghost-cat

in celebration of cat month in April via animal planet ^_~ here is our lovely bakeneko ghost cat! this is from my new series called "supernatural or unaccountable phenomena"


futakuchi-onna (二口女

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two-mouthed woman
In a small village there lived a stingy miser who, because he could not bear the expense of paying for food for a wife, lived entirely by himself.
One day he met a woman who did not eat anything, whom he immediately took for his wife. Because she never ate a thing, and was still a hard worker, the old miser was extraordinarily thrilled with her, but on the other hand he began to wonder why his stores of rice were steadily decreasing.
One day the man pretended to leave for work, but instead stayed behind to spy on his new wife. To his horror, he saw his wife’s hair part on the back of her head, her skull split wide revealing a gaping mouth. She unbound her hair, which reached out like tentacles to grasp the rice and shovel it into the hungry mouth.