Girl sitting in Lotus original painting

here's a lovely lil gem left over from a past show. girl sitting in lotus. $50 original work framed.


Kushiels dart Commissioned Project

:: phedre no dulany sitting in the country side stage one

4 out of 5 beginner pieces for this project
close up of phedre no dulany
phedre and hyacinth as children and phedre and alcuin as teens

phedre and Alcuin as teens

phedre and hyacinth as children  ^_^

this is for a commissioned group of work of 5 pieces i only have 4 out 5 shown..
 still working on these obviously. This is going to be a neat body of work. 
I can't wait till I start laying paint down on some of these. Any of you read Kushiel's Dart is Jacqueline Carey?