just scored French VOGUE with kate moss Ziggy Stardust cover

i saw it looking there on the shelf all alone i reached out for it and then hugged it all the way to the cash register.
<3 worth every penny 

caeruleus commission update

so I have started the paint washes on the girls. This should be completed within the next week. "Hopefully" 

happy dragons

I'm trying on the side to make a happy new year piece.. year of the dragon for the upcoming Chinese new year is year of the water dragon.. a black dragon to be precise from what i have read but no matter what kind of dragon i draw it has an ominously friendly smile on its face.. im not sure what happens but instead of dark and mysterious they come out grinning like they just put the world on. I have taken a break from it.. and started painting commissions again. 
But here are my two annoyingly so-called " Happy dragons "