SWURPLE// from evillilgirl on 8tracks.

playlist // track list // 1// g-eazy - outsider 2// feadz and kito // electric empire 3// Kreayshawn // Gucci Gucci 4// asap rocky // everything is purple 5// Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink// Test Me 6// djpone // Cadillac Dreams dj pone remix - EQ 7// Earl Sweatshirt 8// Flosstradamus kidsister // LUUK OUT GURL x DANCE ASS 9// Eprom // 021412 Realization v5 10//Lockah // The Sour Drink From The Ocean 11//BUTTΞRSΔUCE™ // cassie-make a move// 12// feadz and kito// oh yeah 13//BUTTΞRSΔUCE™ // sayfool 14// hidden strings chill bump // 5 minute breather


vinyl wishlist //

Records // VINYL // i want!! // i have been playing around spinning vinyl lately, i got the jones, i got the bug. i'm hooked. An outlet is an outlet. I love the instantaneous creative outlet// a simultaneous creation that is born instantly into the air. I love the focus ,it's fun. I extremely love touching records and placing them on turntables hearing the needle land on the record and then it begins to hum. I'm not trying to be some dj to impress anyone.. I do it for me. It makes me feel better. So yeah.. I may be posting about music a little more then usual.
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