Ash fantastic mr.fox mask ... cause ~~~ he's different..

"I’m grumpy. I spit. I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m just…different, apparently."


[Fantastic Mr. Fox]
finished faux fur hand painted teen fox mask.  ^______^  mr.fox next!


unknown nebula

almost finished with this painting.. I started these for practice but i  feel they have turned out how i wanted so i might go ahead and sell them. We shall see.  These were done with oil paint / mixed media on solid wood. 


Fantastic Fox mask works in progress

Cuss yeah I did..

Handmade with faux fur. I still have to paint it to add highlights and make it more fox like. Add a nose and possibly whiskers. I wanted to keep this more a masquerade mask the snout completely covers the face. I have about 5 more to make so we will see what more I add to them. This was a more to see if I could pull it off and actually make it. I will update with progress. 

Nebula inspired Space series of paintings